Version five FSX

Torshavn center.  The small amount of buildings in the center  is dictated by  framerates.

The famous look from Hotel Forøyar over the town and harbour.

Heliport and highscool in Hoyvik.

Boer, the place you see,  when you fly in the fjord enroute to the airport.

Pilot whalekilling in Tjornavik.

More information about pilot whale killings.

The Nordic House in Torshavn and Kringvarp Føroya, the radiostation.

Kalbak fjord with SEV buildings and mesh corrections.

The military headquarter in Mørkedal and entrance to the radarhead on top.

Mesh ajustment and new village with church  in Myggenæs.

Mesh ajustment for footballstadion in Sumba.

Akraberg lighthouse with buildings and Sumba in the background.

The harbour in Vestmanna.

The other side of Vestmanna.

Vestmanna touristcenter.

Sand harbour and village.